Supporting Cross Generational Caregivers

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What Services Are Offered?

1. Information about services in the community for our Caregivers        
2. Assistance in gaining access to supportive services  
3. Reinforce the caregiver role through                    
- Individual counseling                    
- Organization of support groups                  
- Caregiver training                       

So' Tsoh means big star or North star in the Dine Language

So' Tsoh means big star or North star in the Dine Language. With this concept in mind, we lead people in the right direction.

With information and resources for our Dine people to get the much needed assistance they are searching for.

You might also want to look into Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS):

Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS), this program is located in a different state department, and is the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Arizona’s state Medicaid System. In order to potentially be eligible for this program, the person requiring care must already be receiving or is eligible to receive benefits and services under ALTCS programs and services.

Then at which point the caregiver wishing to provide the care technically would apply to become an employee of one of AHCCCS/ALTCS contracted home health care agencies, after passing a rigorous screening and eligibility process themselves.

Below is a link to the AHCCCS/ALTCS office locator.

The application process is started by calling the local AHCCCS/ALTCS office and they will take it from there.