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Direct to Individual Caregivers


We can provide your organizations with some in-person/virtual trainings, site visits, and facilitated support groups.

Please contact us for specialized/targeted trainings or our caregiver program support.

First-rate service is intended to be the focus of STF and a cornerstone of our organization’s success. All individuals  will receive conscientious, one-on-one,  and timely service in all capacities (i.e., transactions, conflicts or complaints). We strive to create a loyal and trusting relationship with our communities and partners.

STF has presented at large-scale events to a range of individuals indigenous and non-indigenous professionals, caregivers, and lawmakers to address solutions to better Alzheimer's and senior care for the southwest.

Presentations can be conducted in Navajo or English.

We service both rural and urban areas.
STF provides services to the rural parts of the Navajo Nation through Navajo-language based training, programs and services with embedded cultural relevance of the Navajo culture.

Check out & Register for Our Events

Self Care Sundays

Location: Online
When: May 13, 2024

Self Care is so important for our Caregivers. We have a workshop to help get you aligned mind body and spirit to help you in your Caregiver journey. We'd love to have you! 

Caregiver Virtual Support Group 

Location: Online
When: May 27, 2024

Feel like your alone? Want to talk to someone who understands? Were her to help! A support group are caregivers going through the same thing, we'd love to have you. Register to learn more.  

"I love getting messages on new classes!" 

Sharon T.
Family Caregiver

 "Thank you so much, I kept searching for resources and I found you" 

Margeret N.
Family Caregiver

 "It's so nice to have information that's on the reservations." 

Gene J.
Direct Careworker 

We know you might not always be able to watch us live, so here's a space of reference for you.